Speakers for Harley Street Glide – Buyer’s Guide!

Why does your Harley stereo system sound bad? Good question. Speaker quality and lack of power at speed are the first thoughts that come to mind. Poor SQ or lost signal going down the road, bass loss at speed with all that engine/wind/road noise is making it even worse.

Low efficiency, weak factory head unit, constantly hot amp that keeps shutting down… Who needs that?

Another issue is that factory speakers are 2ohm and most aftermarket are 4ohm. Also, on most 2way aftermarket speakers, the center-mounted tweeter sets too high and hits the factory speaker grille.

The thing is that a manufacturer looks over every single part of a vehicle with a cost in mind because saving a few bucks here and there adds up to lots of money when you sell thousands of vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s your sound system that pays the price.

Harley speakers were not designed to sound great. True story. They were just a means to an end. When you’re at a standstill that may be fine. But is that supposed to be enough? You don’t want to just listen to the music with your engine off, right? And you don’t need some noisy speakers just because they’re loud at speed. This means you need quality, so here comes the aftermarket.

Fortunately, there’s always room for an upgrade to make the sound of your bike exceptionally good with a set of great-quality speakers and/or an amp while keeping the stock look. Find the benefits of the top 5 speakers to find the best solution for your bike from the list below.

List Of Top-Rated Speakers For Harley Street Glide

Alpine SPS-510Alpine SPS-5105.25"13” x 7” x 4”View on Amazon
Focal 165KRCFocal 165KRC6.5"14.2” x 5.9” x 9.2”View on Amazon
Biketronics 4405-0283Biketronics 4405-02836.5”18.5” x 9” x 4”View on Amazon
<br />Infinity KappaInfinity Kappa6.5"16” x 8” x 5.25”View on Amazon
Rockford Fosgate HD14-TKITRockford Fosgate HD14-TKIT6.5"18.25” x 13.5” x 11.5”View on Amazon

The main indicator when choosing a speaker for a bike, of course, is quality. That’s why I have chosen the 5 speaker models above. But there are several other things you need to pay attention to before you buy in case you’re not satisfied with the list:

  • Certificates and warranty availability.
  • Reliable protection against vibration, rain, and moisture.
  • Really wide frequency range.
  • Surround and clear sound.
  • Simple controls (switching functions, track selection, volume control).
  • The ability to connect other devices.
  • Additional functions (FM-radio stations / external sources availability).

In some models, the amplifier is already built-in, which greatly simplifies the process of installation and configuration.

Best Speakers for Harley Street Glide Review

Alpine SPS-510 — 5.25″ 2-way Car Audio Speakers (Pair) For Harley Street Glide

Alpine SPS-510


  • A clear, crisp sound that sparkles in the mid-range audio spectrum. Great mids and highs.
  • 55 watts of range encapsulates 2-way sound with the help of a swivel tweeter which turns up to 10 degrees during tuning.
  • Soft silk diaphragm with hard aluminum gives high resolution and broadband signal.
  • High-tech looks and ultra-light HD polymer frames for improved sound quality, higher efficiency and high power handling.
  • Work well off the lower power of most factory systems. Perfect addition for almost any OE system upgrade.

These babies put out and blow away other mid-range speakers. They are extremely versatile and great sounding speakers which makes them an amazing addition for any OE system upgrade.

The richly satisfying sound can be achieved without a subwoofer. And if you add an amp to them, that’s a night and day difference. Replace your existing sound system with a new model that gives you plenty of new musical choices.

These popular Type-S family sleek coaxial speakers are amazing for upgrading your sound system or working with an aftermarket stereo. Their ultra-light HD polymer frames represent improved sound quality and impressive tone definition.

The silk dome tweeters provide smooth highs without hurting your ears during a long drive (especially when powered by an external amplifier). Tough butyl rubber surrounds help retain the woofer centered for accurate cone movement, cutting down distortion.

Their cones are mineral-fortified polypropylene which means they’re exceptionally stiff, yet lightweight delivering pure midrange. You will have sound quality and volume enough to create a concert on two wheels!

Focal 165KRC — K2 Power 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speaker Kit For Harley Street Glide

Focal 165KRC


  • Excellent 80 watts RMS power handling.
  • Leading coaxial kit.
  • Non-magnetic Zamak basket.
  • Double tweeter orientation.
  • Outboard crossover with adjustable tweeter level control.
  • Aramid fiber layer on top of a woven glass layer.

Another coaxial smooth design and an accurate speaker that delivers incredible midrange clarity.

It’s effective and flexible and can excel with an adequately powered amplifier to reproduce the full dynamic range and details of the music you listen to, thanks to excellent 80 watts RMS power handling and tight bass punch.

Also, the K2 composite sandwich cone allows this speaker to achieve detailed audio output and high power handling.

The focal 165KRC speaker is a perfectly sized 6.5-inch full-range loudspeaker producing crystal clear sound (4 Ohm impedance). It has extraordinary drivers and lets you enjoy selected tracks with outstanding focused sound quality.

That’s because it features a 2-way external crossover with 3 tweeter levels, 2 tweeter slopes, and 2 midrange level settings.

Biketronics 4405-0283 — Titan II 7.1in. Speaker BT7P1 For Harley Street Glide

Biketronics 4405-0283


  • Rated at 120 watts RMS and 240 watts peak power.
  • High-quality glass-reinforced nylon speaker adapters and stainless steel mounting hardware included.
  • No modifications required with this bolt in, plug-in-and-go speaker.
  • The ultimate upgrade at 83% more sound than stock Harley speakers.
  • Free-flow grill design ensures maximum sound transfer.

Many say that this one is the best sounding speaker to fit your fairing. They let you hear your music at 70 mph, on a wet road, with a wind in your face. Probably because it was designed by Biketronics from scratch.

Crystal clear sound at amazing volume levels without distortion won’t leave you indifferent. And it’s capable of handling huge power! 92.6 dB, 4 Ohm with a 100 W continuous power (200 W peak power).

You can turn them up to the highest level and get great clarity without any fear of crackles or noises. These speakers give an 83% increase over Harley stock speakers that provides improved performance.

Also, they will work just fine on any system rated for 1, 2, or 4 ohms. You can go higher resistance on a speaker (not lower, though).

Infinity Kappa 62IX — 6.5″ Coaxial Speaker System For Harley Street Glide

Polk Audio AA2651-A


  • The large diameter voice coil.
  • Interesting design and quality for car audio systems
  • Deliver a broad, smooth, and crisp high response
  • A high output of up to 2.5 ohms with low impedance coils provides a better synchronization with the amplifier for peak performance
  • An increased cone area delivers a higher frequency and an enhanced low-frequency output.
  • All the models in the market have undergone a rigorous testing process that involves freezing, shaking, baking, and full power blasting.
  • Reduced frequency response distortion.
  • An impressive triple-digit nominal power rating.

A simple glance at the Infinity Kappa 62IX treats you to an enticing view of a startlingly designed car speaker. But the product is not just about the design alone. Besides the design, this audio system will treat you to an array of impeccable features should you opt to install it into your Harley.

The unit features a fantastic base that delivers an interestingly pounding experience. You will probably mistake them for some high-quality mini subwoofers. Besides, they produce a stable sound that won’t rattle even when you hit a bump.

Many people look at the interesting features of the speakers and think that installing them must be an arduous task. That’s a big misconception. The Infinity speakers are pretty easy to fit. The durable and well fitting hardware looks faultless and incredible on your bike.

Another selling point of the speakers is their low wattage requirement. The implication of this is that you can get it running using either an amp or a radio, which treats you to unimaginable convenience.

Rockford Fosgate HD14-TKIT — Power Harley-Davidson Street Glide (2014+) & Road Glide (2015+) Front Audio Kit

Rockford Fosgate HD14-TKIT


  • Direct connect wiring harnesses for Harley-Davidson models.
  • The kits fit factory attachment points.
  • No cutting or drilling to keep factory warranty from being affected.
  • Goes with the upgraded four-channel efficient amplifier.

You thought you had a great sound system. This kit is designed to impress and make people change their minds about great SQ. Rockford Fosgate kit speakers are weather-resistant and can handle whatever the road and exposure to the elements may bring.

This will add stunning audio performance to your bike and it’s an absolute bang for the buck!

The neodymium magnet keeps it small enough to fit, but let it handle a lot more power (requires 400W). The polypropylene cone and film dome tweeter provide a big step up from the factory speakers.

Plus there won’t be problems with the installation process since these speakers fit up standard Harley designs perfectly.

How to Choose Harley Speakers?

Decided that you need to buy a sound system for your bike, you should understand the features of acoustics for such a vehicle.

  • Don’t forget about the size. For dynamics especially, size matters.
  • Pay attention to the built-in power. The sound system should be powerful to interrupt the roaring sound of the engine + absolutely hermetic.
  • Make sure that the controller is located in a convenient place. Most modern audio equipment can reproduce all common audio formats and radio stations.
  • Make sure that fastenings are reliable and all mounts are fixed.
  • Make sure the body material is resistant to corrosion / abrasion / moisture and does not fade in the sun.
  • The audio intensity of the audio system should be at a very low level. Otherwise, after a noisy disco in the wilderness, you risk simply not starting your bike.
  • Sound system must withstand overloads and shakes, be resistant to strong vibrations and harsh weather conditions.

Otherwise, it will be enough for a couple of trips in good weather. Dust, water, and dirt will spoil even the best sound. And in the end, the system simply stops working. It will be extremely difficult to restore it.

It is also worth paying attention to possible noises and crackling when checking your speakers. To achieve high-quality sound from audio systems on such a vehicle can be quite difficult sometimes.

Most of the necessary elements are already included in a set, which you can buy with a sub:

  • Speakers
  • Bases
  • USB cable
  • AUX cable
  • Power cable
  • Set of clamps
  • Fastening rings
  • User manual
  • Box for reading off audio from a drive
  • Set of tools for high-quality system installation.

The most common coaxial speakers’ options go with three heads: for bass, midrange and high frequencies. The advantages are a compact and extended range. 3 loudspeakers are installed in the same place, which makes a more powerful and richer sound.

For clearer surrounding sound, you can always add a sub, which will also make a better bass.

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  • This is a great article and has been very helpful in my decision, but I have one more question… Are any of these not ok in wet conditions. I get caught in rain sometimes, wash bike occasionally… I certainly wouldn’t be playing music in wet conditions, but can they handle moisture from time to time?

    • Thank you for your question. Well, first of all, no Harley speakers are 100% waterproof, no matter what they say. Some parts may be well-protected, but others remain exposed. They can be water-resistant, but it’s not like you can ride your bike through heavy rainstorms without consequences. Having speakers installed on your bike is a responsibility in a way that you have to check those weather forecasts more often. Otherwise, chances of getting poor sound or totally wrecking the speakers are huge even if you don’t turn them on in the rain. They can survive a few rides under the rain but will suffer the consequences for sure. No matter how expensive they are – that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to protection from water. So whatever you are going to buy, it’s best to keep your speakers dry and avoid humid conditions. You don’t want the water to get into the electronic components and cause shorting out.

    • Yes, they can. Reasonably. None of these speakers are fully waterproof. However, most of them are moisture-resistant (e.g. Rockford Fosgate, SPS-510). But you better keep them from contact with water and avoid moisture from getting inside the speakers if you want them to live long.

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